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Wendy Kuhn

I'm a software engineer in Austin, Texas. Co-creator of the Nami framework.

about me

I love a quiet hike on the greenbelt as much as I love listening to the heartbeat of the city. To me, Austin is that moment at dusk, on a patio, with a cold drink and good company. Town Lake trail is great for kicking up dust. And I never met a fish taco I didn’t like. I’m proud to live in this vibrant city. Let’s get coffee at your favorite spot.

Nami Framework

A gif showing the Nami deploy command

Nami is an open-source, serverless framework for consuming webhooks at scale using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Nami framework accommodates bursty webhook traffic using AWS Lambda Functions as a Service (FaaS), dynamically scaling compute resources to match the flow of incoming data. Nami uses an SQS queue as message broker to send data to a MongoDB data store deployed using Docker on an EC2 instance.


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